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Mandy Keith, Owner and Workshop Instructor


Welcome to Yummy Mummy Meals Workshop

Yummy Mummy Meals Workshop is a meal planning workshop for women with busy lives to spend a night out with friends, preparing 10 meals (4 adult servings each) that will stock their freezers with healthy, delicious, inexpensive food for the whole family. Women are able to have fun, save time, save money and eat healthy.

All participants go home from the workshop with a cooler full of 10 delicious meals for themselves and their families to be cooked on their own time.

Cost for the workshop includes personalized shopping list (you select your meats, poultry and fish), menu planning, meal prep work, all freezer safe, cooking packages (foil containers, freezer bags, etc. w/labeled cooking instructions), the best and most nutritious ingredients and some sides!

UPDATE ON UPCOMING WORKSHOPS - Happy New Year Yummy Mummies! I hope you had a great holiday and your year is off to a great start. This year will be one of great changes for me and my family as I embark on a new career that I have always wanted, teaching in an elementary school. It has been a big adjustment over the past few months, and unfortunately, Yummy Mummy Meals Workshops have taken the back burner for now as I get acclimated to this new career. I hope to pick it back up at some point in the future, but for now I will not be hosting any workshops. You (of course!) will be the first to know as soon as I am able to get cooking again!

Thank you so very sincerely for your amazing support over the past few years. It has been a great pleasure getting to know so many of you and I hope to cross paths with you again soon!